My favorite biology books for beginning learners



Biology is the natural science involving the study of life and living organisms. This includes the study of the structure, evolution, growth, function, identification, distribution and taxonomy of those living organisms. A broad and eclectic discipline, biology comprises numerous sub-disciplines and branches based on the general class of organism that is studied.



Although I was never given a chance to go to college, I love watching documentaries and reading. This has enabled me to get as much knowledge as possible about biology, natural sciences and the environment. My fascination for biology has led me to some books that should be in any biology enthusiast’s collection of must reads.


Written by Steven Daniel Garber, Ph. D., Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd edition offers explanations on all the major biological terms and concepts. This newly revised edition is where I learned about the origin of life, cell biology, evolution, botany and physiology. It offers answers and explanations on photosynthesis or how it occurs, whether cloning is a type of sexual or asexual reproduction, what Anton van Leeuwenhoek is known for, and more.


The book comes with a clearly structured format to enable full access to various student levels. It also provides a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the science of life in an easy-to-understand work. There are self-tests and questions that reinforce the information in each chapter. This allows the reader to make a decision on whether to focus on a topic or move ahead and skip it.


Biology for Beginners in paperback was released on Amazon on September 7, 2010. Written by Truman Jesse Moon, this is a reproduction of a book that came out before 1923. A culturally important piece of work, the book admissibly has occasional lapses such as blurred or missing pages, errant marks or poor pictures and other similar elements that could be attributed to the original artifact or had gotten introduced during the scanning process but it holds true to the objective of preserving printed works worldwide.



Biology For Dummies 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition, by Donna Rae Siegfried and Rene Fester Kratz, is an updated edition of an earlier work, The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Biology. It aims to tell us how living things work, answering all our questions in plain and simple English. This books satisfies the curiosity of people like me who wonder how the human body works, by providing a quick answer to those questions.
Packed with plenty of illustrations, this provides a quick reference with helpful tables and diagrams, cheat sheets, as well as easily understandable explanations of the various life processes that all organisms share. This book features more than 20 percent new and updated content including a significant re-organization of topics to make it a classroom-friendly supplement.

I am sure there are plenty more biology books for beginners out there, so if you can point me in the right direction, I would gladly go there and study them on my own. Let’s try to find out how much more we can learn about the science of life through books, shall we?.



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