How to create less waste


Become one of the heroes out there, who are fighting the evils of mass consumption, consumerism, and waste. Start by banning plastic bags from your house and by saying no to wasting water. Buy from fashion designers who are finding innovative and creative ways to turn waste into apparel.

These small things can add up and create a better world for you and your family. Here are a few more tips on how to kickstart your zero waste life journey, so maybe you can inspire others.


Take a good look at your trash

The first maybe awkward thing you have to do is examine your trash, take notes on that you throw and think about ways to stop this vicious cycle. For example, if you mainly waste food packaging, maybe stop buying from supermarkets and go to your local farmer’s market, where you can use the same bag as opposed to paying for food that is individually wrapped.

It is very helpful to get face-to-face with your trash. We consume unconsciously because it doesn’t seem out of place and because it is such a social norm. We as humans don’t realize our habits and we don’t pay attention to half of the trash we are making. That’s why we have to examine it.


Start to get rid of disposables.

When it comes to transitioning to a zero-waste life, this should be the easiest step. All you have to do is replace things you use once and then throw away, with a sustainable option. For example, change plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones, which are eco-friendly and decompose fast. Go for tote bags made of textile instead of using plastic or paper ones.

Alternatively, you can say goodbye to plastic water bottles and invest in a Klean Kanteen or one of those glass bottles. The possibilities are much more diverse than you might think, and there are thousands of websites dedicated to eco-friendly alternatives.

Shop less and do it in bulk

If you can find a Food Co-op in your proximity, then you sir or lady are in luck. The brand is the ideal alternative because it makes grocery shopping comfortable, especially since everything you can find in its shops is in bulk! There, you can as well fill up your jars with quinoa, nuts, granola, liquid dish soap and another whole range of produce.

Whole Foods sometimes has bulk options too. And before you leave your house to stock up, maybe it is a good idea to make a list with the things you want as opposed to what catches your eye, as stores are built to wash your mind and to tempt you at every step.


Buy second hand

There’s no shame in wearing hand-me-downs. We have repeatedly been told by the fashion moguls to consume all of these clothing pieces we do not need or want. Fast fashion is known to be the second biggest polluter in the whole world, next to the oil industry.

If you like new items, maybe instead of buying from brands that pollute the earth and rely on illegal and immoral work-force from third-world countries, you should go for sustainable designer houses.

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