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3 documentaries about the environment



I recently became a vegetarian. A close friend of mine has been a vegetarian for over a decade now, and he seems to be doing just fine. I’ve been considering veganism for quite a while, but I’m afraid that I might not handle it and get back to eating meat again. I’ve tried several times already, but it just seems too hard to do it. However, vegetarianism is a far nicer and easier way to protect the environment, although I do have to admit that it’s not as eco-friendly as veganism.

I wanted to write this post because there are several reasons that I ended up eating what I eat and living how I live. I first discovered Hot for Food, a YouTube channel about eating well even when you’re a vegan. Then I got to watch Lauren Toyota’s videos, who is one of the video creators for Hot for Food. As I became more and more aware of the impact that we have on our environment, I started asking around, and I wanted to become more informed about the topic.

I’m going to tackle three documentaries that have left a mark on me, and I hope they do the same for you, too. Perhaps it might not be a nice thing to say, but I want them to impress you and make you understand that we only have one life and one planet.



This is the first documentary that I heard about while watching Lauren Toyota’s videos. While it wasn’t as shocking as Earthlings, it certainly made me think about going vegan. Basically, what I found out from watching this production was that, while many drivers and climate change deniers say that cows produce more methane and carbon dioxide than all cars in the world, it’s anything but true.

The problem is not that these animals produce such gasses, but the fact that humans practice deforestation to create pastures for cows. The latter aren’t to blame for anything, even for the fact that they exist or that they’re more than they used to be. We simply eat too much meat and have been doing so for the past decades.

Our ancestors used to consume meat just once a week or even more rarely. In short, this was a documentary that I appreciated because it was based on science and facts, and it made me think that becoming a vegan or a vegetarian was a logical choice.


While it is not a pleasant sight, Earthlings manages to transmit a message that is both powerful and true. In our trips to the supermarket, we seldom think about what animals had to go through in order to become that piece of meat or steak that’s on display for us to buy and enjoy. Animals suffer for food, fashion, entertainment, and even companionship. While it might not be for the faint-hearted, Earthlings is a strong documentary that needs to be seen at least once, so that we get our act together for once and for all.


Racing Extinction

This last documentary that I want to recommend is not about food, in particular, but more about mass species extinctions and the way we impact the environment and the living and breathing organisms around us. Whether it’s illegal wildlife trade, habitat destruction, or just plain old climate change, Racing Extinction offers a comprehensive message about our footprint on all of these fields.