About Me


My name is Daniele Portalino. I have always been fascinated by areas like biology, natural sciences, and the environment. Somehow, although I do believe in a Higher Power, I find it exceptionally interesting that there are always scientific explanations for everything that happens all around us. I reconcile this easily to the fact that indeed, a Higher Being was able to think about everything from the microscopic to the physical so there’s harmony and continued existence for all creatures.


It is wonderful how every part of any human being, plant and animal is made up of tiny elements that are invisible to the naked eye. Indeed, even the pores on our skin are made up of microscopic components that deliver a larger surface. It’s wonderful to know we are, all of us, built up from microscopic cells grouped together to form tissues, that are turn clustered as entire organs, with every component working seamlessly together despite the differences in composition and characteristics.


Since each and every tiny part is always a masterpiece, it is always interesting to study what makes each part work, and what it is composed of that makes it work smoothly with other parts. The things we don’t see are ignored too easily but have we ever asked ourselves what would happen should one of the various parts go missing?


Perhaps once we begin to see ourselves as made up of different parts that should work together smoothly, we would be able to take care of our bodies more, to live healthy and make smart choices on what we take in. Perhaps we should take the time to understand how the different parts of ourselves work so we can take care of ourselves better.


I do have one confession to make. I was never given the chance to go to college. However, my deep love for reading and watching documentaries, particularly science-related ones, has enabled me to pick up bits and pieces, various odds and ends that have contributed in a huge and fantastic way to what I know now.


Of course, I would not dare say I know everything, because I do not. I am still just an imperfect being, or what I humbly acknowledge to be a work in progress. This is why I created this blog: to share with readers what I know and allow them too to share what they know about natural science, biology and the environment. Learning is a continuous process. That is why we must never stop asking why.


We should challenge ourselves to get to know more than what we already know, despite the fact that there will always be something we won’t be able to know to the fullest extent. That is what makes us human, after all. And it is ultimately a Higher Power’s way of reminding us subtly we are not designed to be perfect.
So please help me in my journey to scientific exploration and discovery. Together, let us ask questions and find the answers to them one question at a time.